Who's in Your Room
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Stewart Emery, Ivan Misner & Rick Sapio. THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON THE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE Imagine that you live in just one room. Imagine that you spend your entire life in this room. With you in your room are all the people in your life, as well as the projects, relationships, and obligations that come along with them. Imagine that this room only has one door, and this only operates one way: in. There is no exit. Imagine that whoever comes through this door, and whatever they bring with them, cannot leave - ever. They will remain in your room - with you forever. So, who's in your room? It's a simple enough question on the face of it, but one that has had a profound effect on the lives of those who have tried to answer it. Read and explore the stories of those who have changed their lives for the better as a result of answering the question, and putting into practice the concepts in this book. As you read, please keep in mind, the exploration and discovery is not just about the people whose stories are included here. It is about you living the life of your dreams!

Who's in Your Room

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